Wonder Festival 2023 Winter: Creator Edition [Photo Report] | Featured News

Wonder Festival is event for figure fans to gather and geek out over not only the newest releases, but also the amazing labors of love crafted by amateur creators! If you’ve never wondered how hard it could be to make a figure or garage kit, now’s the time, as this winter’s WonFes showcased a truly impressive lineup.

Let’s start off with these unbelievably intricate masterpieces inspired by games like Elden Ring and Dark Souls.

As always, the creators’ love for fan favorites like Miku came through loud and clear. An figure event without this icon would be like… well, we don’t even want to imagine it!

Just like the lineup from figure manufacturers, many of the creators clearly had hololive on their mind this year.

Cat girls, horse girls, bunny girls, oh my! Those cute ears are just too hard to resist. And then there are the tails...

While working towards the finished product is a given for mecha fans with model kits, these creators took it to the next level.

One of the greatest joys of Wonder Festival is getting to see items that are on the unconventional side, whether it’s a character we don’t see too often or a sculpt that a creator decided they just had to bring to life using their very own hands!

Whether you’re a figure consumer or creator, we heartily recommend swinging by Wonder Festival when you make it to Japan! The next event will be held on July 30, and you’ll be able to check out the details at the official website. Until then, feel free to keep looking through the full photo album below for inspiration!


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