TAMASHII Features 2020 Welcomes Figure Fans Around the World | Featured News

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, events all around the world are suffering cancellation after cancellation. You’ve probably noticed that many have now made the leap from offline to online, and figure exhibition TAMASHII Features 2020 is one of them!

Held on July 4 and 5, TAMASHII Features 2020 showcased the amazing creations of BANDAI SPIRITS’ high quality figure brand TAMASHII NATIONS. Although the annual event has always been held offline, this year it became a fully online event that anyone could experience from anywhere in the world through virtual reality.

We at TOM News were lucky enough to visit the exhibition space in person, so here are some of our highlights for anyone who missed out or just wants to relive the memories! And if you find a special figure that catches your eye, simply click the link to learn more at the TOM Shop.

*Please note that some pages may not be displayed for certain users, as some products shown in this report are not available for all regions.

A giant VOLTES V figure here to welcome everyone at the entrance.

Here’s the exhibition hall, looking nice and spacious!

One of the highlights of this year’s exhibition was the IMAGINATION WORKS Dragon Ball Z Goku figure. You may be seeing double, but changing the single figure’s parts allows you to recreate the appearances of both versions above! Also, creations from the IMAGINATION WORKS lineup are larger than regular action figures, which means an increase in the level of detail and number of joints.

The Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba section displayed this dynamic Figuarts Zero Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Zenitsu Agatsuma: Thunder Breathing figure.

Behold Tanjiro’s Nichirin Blade!

The impressive S.H.Figuarts Iron Man series.

The DYNACTION lineup’s Evangelion test type-01 figure. Don’t underestimate this Evangelion just because it’s a figure - it measures in at a whopping 400 mm.

A figure of Evangelion Unit-08β. We can’t wait to see it in action in the upcoming movie as well!

A certain cheerful CEO and his faithful secretary team up for this display of S.H.Figuarts KAMEN RIDER ZERO-ONE figures!

A formidable new figure in the METALBUILD series: GUNDAM ASTRAY GOLD FRAME AMATSU HANA version Hana. The METALBUILD lineup is a high quality brand featuring robots with actual metal joints.

The Inner Senshi reunite with S.H.Figuarts’ Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Animation Color Edition lineup!

A life-size Crystal Star! Pick it up and you might just become a Sailor Senshi too…!

The S.H.MonsterArts lineup’s fearsome Rathalos

… and the equally intimidating Nargacuga, from the Monster Hunter universe! It’s hard to believe that you can fully control the actions and poses of such life-like figures.

MegaHouse took part in the exhibition at the first time in this year, bringing us a figure of the one and only Kusanagi Motoko from Ghost in the Shell S.A.C._2045!

And to top everything off, Digimon’s incredibly powerful Imperialdramon Dragon Mode!

That's it for our report, but we've got some great news - you can still access the VR exhibition space until July 31! All you need is a computer or smartphone, so get going and dive into the rest of TAMASHII Features 2020 right here.

Of course, one can never get enough figures, so check out Comic-Con@Home TAMASHII NATIONS booth from 6:00 PM PDT on July 17 for online! You’ll be able to see even more quality figures on display for the very first time, as well as event exclusives from great lineups and series like Dragon Ball.Check it out the link here!


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