Mega Hobby Expo Spring 2019 [Photo Report] | Featured News

May 25th marked a huge occasion for leading figure maker Megahouse - the 10th anniversary of its event Mega Hobby Expo! Held at Akihabara UDX’s AKIBA_SQUARE. Megahouse showcased tons of stunning figures not only from its own brands, but also from other manufacturers like Kotobukiya, Aniplex and Alter. Ready to get a look?

Megahouse brought so many must-haves to the table, starting with some gorgeous ladies in its ever popular Portrait.Of.Pirates lineup!

Another standout collection was Megahouse’s G.E.M. Series, starring iconic characters from Pokémon’s legendaries to Shonen Jump heroes and heroines.

Speaking of Pokémon, Detective Pikachu also made his way to Akihabara as a life-sized (and not-to mention, extremely life-like!) plushie.

Not everyone has the space for a real-life Pikachu, but no worries! Consider the Chimi Mega Buddy crew or some of Megahouse’s other cuties.

The Desktop Army collection is also great for those who need compact options.

There were also Fate characters aplenty across other brands, including Amakuni, Licorne, and Aniplex!

Figures from newer titles like The Promised Neverland, SSSS.Gridman and Promare were looking fantastic as well!

How many figures did you just add to your wishlist? Find more in the full album below!

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