WonHobby Gallery 2019 Spring [Photo Report] | Featured News

Being in Akihabara on any given day is a great opportunity to see amazing figures, but Akiba CO Gallery on May 25 and 26 gave fans a particularly special chance to do so with Good Smile Company's WonHobby Gallery Spring 2019!

Tons of gorgeous figures were showcased by popular manufacturers like Max Factory, Phat! and FREEing, including many that were newly announced and/or weren't up for sale or reservations.

With Good Smile Company offerings being a major part of the display, it was no surprise to see a ton of adorable Nendoroids of characters from familiar titles like Sword Art Online, Fate/Grand Order, and My Hero Academia!

Another figure line that undoubtedly deserved attention was Max Factory's figma collection. Plenty of possibilities for dynamic poses are to be had with these characters, many of whom are already kitted out for battle!

If combat isn't your thing, no worries - just get a look at each of these wonderfully crafted virtual stars! Racing Miku is popular as always, with new figures by not only Good Smile Company, but also Max Factory and Aquamarine. Vocaloid duo Kagamine Rin and Len made an appearance too as scale figures.

Speaking of virtual superstars, don't forget Kizuna AI (as if she'd let you!) either, presented to you by Good Smile Company.

Fans up for something a little more alluring can get their fix with these bunny girls from FREEing, featuring gorgeous ladies from works like Darling in the Franxx to Full Metal Panic.

To top it all off, enjoy some of these Phat! figures that were simply too cute! Would you rather adventure with Goblin Slayer's High Elf Archer, skip school with SSSS. Gridman's Rikka, or become the Master of Tamamo no Mae from Fate/Extella Link?

Many of these amazing figures aren't available to purchase or reserve yet, but hopefully you've gotten some ideas for your must-have list! Check out the full album below for more beautiful figures!


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