56th Prize Fair [Photo Report] | Featured News

The 56th Prize Fair kicked off its showcase of this summer's most anticipated prizes at its Tokyo event on May 22 at TOC Ariake! Held four times every year, the exhibition stars six leading Japanese prize makers. This time, the focus was on goods that will be available at game centers and other locations from October to December this year.

As always, the BANDAI SPIRITS(BANPRESTO) booth brought top-quality figures, plushies and badges from all sorts of popular series!

BANDAI SPIRITS(BANPRESTO)’s Q posket line brought iconic titles to life in characteristic cute chibi forms! From Evangelion and Re:Zero to Snow White and Harry Potter, both Japanese and Western franchises got the adorable Q posket treatment.

Dynamic Shonen Jump figures also drew the eye, with plenty of appearances from Dragon Ball, One Piece, and My Hero Academia characters.

There were also some smaller counterparts for those who prefer the cute type!

Kirby and Stitch won’t lose either, with these adorable offerings from the Paldolce collection and Fluffy Puffy lineups!

No prize collection is complete without plushies of all sizes! The boys of Kuroko no Basket, Rimuru of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Nyanko-sensei of Natsume’s Book of Friends, Sadaharu and Elizabeth of Gintama (with a Sanrio twist!), and even the adventurous frog of Tabi Kaeru and more are here to offer some super squishy comfort.

Don’t forget about the badges either! It can be tough to decide on which merch to get for series with huge casts like A3! and Ensemble Stars, but badges are an easy way to get something for each of your favorite characters without breaking the bank!

Keep an eye out for these prizes around October to December, which is when they'll be seen in the wild - in other words, game arcades around Japan! Which ones would you aim for?


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