Snow Miku and Friends Enchant Fans at Magical Winter Live! | Featured News

One of Tokyo Otaku Mode’s staff members went to the evening SNOW MIKU LIVE! 2019 show on February 9th and wrote up a report!

SNOW MIKU LIVE! 2019 had afternoon and evening shows held on February 9th and 10th at Zepp Sapporo, featuring virtual singers Hatsune Miku and her friends.

The night of February 9th was freezing at -10°C (14°F), but fans formed a long line in front of Zepp Sapporo as they waited to get in. The day before, an equipment area in the venue was cleared out so there were same-day tickets available for sale, but those also sold out and the venue was packed with fans.

When the time came for the show to start, “Yuki ga Hajiketa Sono Basho de - Sena Wataru feat. Hatsune Miku,” which had been playing as background music, suddenly got louder. The entire audience shouted and started an enthusiastic cheer. When the song started, people yelled for Miku-chan.

The audience responded with cheers to the words “Are You Ready” appearing on the screen. When the name of each virtual singer was displayed, the audience changed the colors of their penlights to that singer’s image color, bathing the venue in a magical atmosphere. Finally, when Hatsune Miku’s name was displayed last, every penlight was turned to her famous blue-green color.

She appeared in her Snow Miku outfit, starting her first song, which was “Teo - Omoi feat. Hatsune Miku,” an upbeat song written by Omoi, who also wrote Magical Mirai 2018’s theme song, “Greenlights Serenade.” As Miku waved her hands, a surge of excitement went through the audience.

Miku changed into her regular outfit for the second song, “Ai no Uta - LamazeP feat. Hatsune Miku,” a fun song written by LamazeP, known for many hits like “Poppipo.”As the difficult opening lyrics played, the skillful audience sang along, making everyone feel unified.

The third song was “Rolling Girl - wowaka feat. Hatsune Miku,” and she threw in a call-and-response complete with practice rounds so the audience could participate in the performance with her.As the audience called for another round, she thanked the crowd and called them the best.

The fourth song, “Kochira, Koufuku Anshin Iinkai Desu. - UtataP feat. Hatsune Miku,” started gently but when the speech started, the music suddenly intensified and the penlight colors mixed with red to change the atmosphere of the venue.As Miku stated, “happiness is your duty,” the audience responded with “our responsibility!” When the song finished, Miku greeted everyone, saying, “Good evening!”

Miku changed into her Snow Miku outfit for the fifth song, “Stella feat. KotsubanP,” and the audience switched their penlight colors to blue, white, and green-blue.Snow Miku’s pet, Rabbit Yukine, appeared as if by magic to dance with her, surprising the audience.

Kagamine Rin, wearing white and black and holding her characteristic guitar, took Hatsune Miku’s place for the sixth song, “Roshin Yuukai - iroha feat. Kagamine Rin”.All the penlights bathed the venue in orange as the audience called her name.The music switched between intensity and peace, creating a lively atmosphere along with Rin’s high voice.

For the seventh song, Len showed up to sing “Migikata no Chou - Nori-P - feat. Kagamine Len.” The orange penlights turned yellow, and Len’s passionate dance effects fascinated the audience.

The eighth song was “Rettou Joutou - Giga feat. Kagamine Rin and Len.” This song was the theme song for Magical Mirai: Kagamine Rin and Len’s 10th anniversary.When the song started, the audience went wild, coming together to sing along to the chorus.The atmosphere was filled with passion, just as the lyric “the floor is in an uproar!” says.

MEIKO performed the ninth song, “Piano x Forte x Scandal - OSTER project feat. MEIKO.” The penlights all turned red to go along with the mature, jazz-like sound.

The tenth song was by KAITO, “Pane dhiria - Shinjou-P feat. KAITO”. All the penlights turned blue and the moment the song started, the audience erupted into cheers. The passion of KAITO fans was tangible!

Miku came back for the eleventh song, “Packaged - livetune feat. Hatsune Miku.” It’s livetune’s debut song from 2007, and the audience sang along with the nostalgic melody as they waved their penlights in the air.

The twelfth song was wowaka’s 2nd song of the night, “Unknown Mother Goose - wowaka feat. Hatsune Miku.” The audience came together to sing along, and during the break in the song, some people yelled, “Amazing!” Such intensity!

For the thirteenth song, Rin appeared with her guitar as Miku held her bass for “Narisumashi Genga - KulfiQ feat. Hatsune Miku.”The penlights bathed the venue in orange and green-blue. The contrast between Rin’s fiery guitar playing and Miku’s slow bass strumming was a sight to see.The audience happily participated in the call-and-response when the singers called, “1, 2, 3, 4, yeah, yeah!”

The fourteenth song was “Birthday - ryuryu feat. Hatsune Miku.”This ballad changed the atmosphere from all the pop and rock songs that had been performed. It started off gently and rose to a climax as a glitter effect followed Miku’s hands, creating a wondrous image.

The following songs were handed off to Megurine Luka, who performed “No Logic - jimmythumbP feat. Megurine Luka,” “Leia Yuyoppe feat. Megurine Luka,” and “Sore ga Anata no Shiawase Toshitemo - HebunzuP feat. Megurine Luka,” complete with outfit changes. She was also congratulated on reaching her tenth anniversary on January 30, 2019.Everyone changed their penlights to pink as Luka charmed the audience with her mature voice with the songs that ranged from gentle to intense.

As Luka’s final song ended, the band members were introduced with “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! - daniwellP” playing as the background. Each band member got to play a solo with their introduction.Afterwards, they smoothly transitioned into “Satisfaction - livetune feat. Hatsune Miku,” as Miku had reappeared in a new outfit and drove the audience into a frenzy with the EDM sound.

The twentieth song was “ODDS&ENDS - ryo(supercell) feat. Hatsune Miku.” It’s a speedy song with a chorus that almost sounds ready to explode!

The following songs were past SNOW MIKU theme songs, starting with SNOW MIKU 2014’s theme song, “Suki! Yuki! Maji Magic - Michie M. feat. Hatsune Miku,” which Miku sang in the magical girl outfit from that year. The audience sang along with the “Maji Magic” lyrics.

That was followed with SNOW MIKU 2015’s theme song, “Snow Fairy Story - 40mP feat. Hatsune Miku,” which Miku performed in the outfit from that year that had a greenery theme.

The twenty-third song was “Shikakui Chikyuu wo Marukusuru - TOKOTOKO (Nishizawa-sanP),” which was last year’s SNOW MIKU song. The sight of Miku dancing around with her huge fluffy ponytails and large sleeves in her animal-themed outfit was just so adorable!

When the song ended, the audience started calling for Miku. After a while, the band members appeared to great cheers before the continuation of the Miku call. Finally…she returned!“Thanks for the encore! Everyone’s just so passionate it seems like the snow outside is going to melt!” Miku said in a cute Hokkaido dialect.

The first song of the encore was SNOW MIKU 2016’s theme song, “Yuki ga Tokeru Mae ni - doriko feat. Hatsune Miku.”Miku changed into her winter sports-themed outfit as the audience changed their penlights to blue and white to match Snow Miku’s colors.

The second encore song was “Star Night Snow - n-buna x Orangestar feat. Hatsune Miku,” SNOW MIKU 2017’s theme song. Miku changed into that year’s starry outfit for the lively winter song by n-buna x Orangestar, who normally make summer songs.

The third and final song of the encore was this year’s SNOW MIKU’s official theme song, “Ai - DECO*27 feat. Hatsune Miku.” Miku changed into her princess-themed outfit, warning the audience that it’s the last song to regretful cries. When the song started, gold tape flew into the air, marking the climax.The venue was filled with the practiced voices of the audience.

As the song ended, the applause and cheers along with the waving penlights made it clear that the crowd had spent their energy.

“Thank you Everybody” appeared after Miku turned into glittering lights and rose away as the first day of SNOW MIKU LIVE! 2019 came to a close.

This year SNOW MIKU reached its tenth anniversary, so being able to go over past SNOW MIKU theme songs and hearing a variety of songs from old to new with people of various ages made SNOW MIKU LIVE! 2019 an extremely fun, satisfying concert.

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